Windows 10 as performance boost for Lightroom 6/CC

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Just a quick note about my non-sophisticated testing of performance improvement for Adobe Lightroom with Windows 10 over Windows 7. As I saw an Intel Skylake review at with an amazing performance boost of 20% and more for Windows 10 over 8.1 for Photoshop and even factor 2 faster on Adobe CC Illustrator, I was eager to know if I would experience some boost for my computer with Lightroom as well.

I took my productivity PC, a new SSD, installed Windows 10 and used my Lightroom 6 installation file for installing Adobe Lightroom 6 file. But later I noticed that I (surprisingly) ended up with having the trial version of Lightroom CC rather than Lightroom 6.2.1 as I intended to. I tested performance on importing and exporting.

Test setup:

  • Windows 7 test: my established system with many programs installed over the years, SSD with Windows 7 and Lightroom 6.2.1, 1 SSD with Lightroom database and photos, but idle time is typically at 0% so through all the installed programs I do not expect a major impact on Lightroom performance
  • Windows 10 test: fresh installed Windows 10 with only Lightroom CC installed, 1 SSD with 2 partitions (1 partition for Windows and 1 for Lightroom database and photos)
  • Computer: 6-core Intel 3930k, running overclocked at 4.2GHz with Hyperthreading enabled and 32GB DDR3 memory.

I didn't do extensive and very precise testing but just running import with 1:1 preview and export to JPG of 100 Nikon D800 RAW files with a stop watch.

  • Windows   7: 841s import, 480s export
  • Windows 10: 788s import, 446s export

The Windows 10 setup was around 6% faster for import and around 7% faster for export.  Interesting, not as much as measured for Photoshop and not breathtaking either, but considering that you need to spend quite some money to make your computer 5% and more faster these days, an update to Windows 10 might get you the same effect. But be aware that my testing setup was not identical but I assume the differences are neglectable and the result should give a good indication nevertheless. 

It looks like that Windows 10 is a nice performance boost for some Adobe products. So, in case you are looking for best performance for Adobe Lightroom, update to Windows 10.